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stainless steel bottles?

Has anyone used stainless steel bottles? I like the idea of them over plastic, but would love to hear other's opinions!
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Re: stainless steel bottles?

  • I've never even heard of them!  Do you have a link?

    We use Evenflo glass bottles.  They've worked through two kids now and I have no complaints.  

  • do you mean the straw cups? we use those and like them, they are like thermoses

    similar to this:





    Here's the link! I just think they're a cool concept and i love that they don't really look like bottles.

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  • If you don't like plastic bottles, another option is the Born Free glass bottles. We use them for the same reason that we do not like plastic bottles. We love them!
  • We use glass. My favoritess are Life Factory 4 oz.
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