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Reviews of Alexandria Lake Ridge Pediatrics Centers?

Does anyone go to Alexandria Lake Ridge Pediatrics Centers for your pediatrician? 

I read about them on my insurance company's website, but I can't seem to find any reviews online.  The practice seems fairly large - 2 locations in Alexandria (4660 Kenmore Ave Suite 500 & 1500 N. Beauegard Suite 200) and 8 pediatricians. 


Re: Reviews of Alexandria Lake Ridge Pediatrics Centers?

  • several friends rec'd the alexandria office (specifically dr. lundgren) and we were registered with them with LO#1. dr. lundgren visited us at the hospital for LOs first newborn check-up. when we got a bill a couple weeks later, we learned that they did not accept our type of insurance, even though i'd confirmed that with the office prior to selecting them as our pedi. they ended up dismissing the charge, but only after a fight. apparently, b/c we had not had an appointment yet, we were not informed of their insurance change.

    we still really really liked dr. lundgen!

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