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NBR: Care package (or similar) for college freshman

Hey, ladies! I haven't posted in awhile (typically just do a quick pop-in to see who's been added to the PG list!), but I'm hoping you can help. My nephew is moving into his dorm at Duke (from Texas) in late August and I'm wanting to get a care package-type thing put together for him. Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I was in college, so I don't know how things have changed. Do any of you have suggestions for what I can put into the package?


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Re: NBR: Care package (or similar) for college freshman

  • Toiletries, rolls of quarters (do they still have coin operated machines in the laundry rooms in dorms? I'm old. LOL), homebaked goodies, gift cards for pizza or other restaurants near campus, candy, those Starbucks via packets if he likes coffee, iTunes gift card, school supplies like pencils/pens/highlighters...condoms. hehe.  Smile

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  • I'd add "meals" (i.e. Easy Mac, Top Ramen), family pics, USB key, Airborne, Tide spot stain remover, No Doz...
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  • I love the others' suggestions. To them I would add DVDs (if you can find any inexpensive DVDs), supplies like Post-Its or index cards, a small tube of sunscreen, or snacks like chips/pretzels/cookies/candy/popcorn/gum/etc (that stuff is so expensive on campus). He won't need quarters for laundry - he'll swipe his "Duke card" to pay for operating the machines. Have fun! Smile
  • Great suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

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  • Cheerwine is a must! Gotta get him started on that ASAP!  Smile

    Maybe gift cards to restaurants on 9th Street (Elmo's, etc). Advil. A small umbrella he can throw in his backpack (guys would never buy themselves an umbrella - just make sure it's a "manly" color).

    I had other ideas, but I have forgotten them in the span of a minute!

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  • microwave popcorn, Oreos, gift cards (Chubby's Tacos is on 9th street and super yummy!) Easy Mac, homemade baked goods, gift card to Game Stop for new video game...
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