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LO screams in high chair

We're on day 12 of solids. The first few days he was fine, but the last couple of days, he has been screaming bloody murder whenever we put him in the high chair (fisher price space saver). If we try to give him food with him sitting on our laps, he will take it and seems pretty excited about it, so I don't think it's the food. Yesterday he was fine, but today he's screaming and the day before yesterday he was screaming, too. We have tried feeding him earlier. Any other ideas?
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Re: LO screams in high chair

  • Feed him on your lap or in a bumbo.  he might feel more comfortable for now.

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  • is he crawling? once mobile, babies find it very hard to be forced to sit still, strapped down. Is he trying to roll of the changing table?


  • We fed DS#1 in the Bumbo until he was eating finger foods, then put him in the high chair.
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  • we're using the bumbo for now also. i figure she doesn't need to be strapped in anywhere yet since she's not mobile.
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  • Maybe use the straps but not the tray?  That way you kind of start the transition but he won't feel so trapped.

    FWIW, we don't use the cover or the straps now - they got too much food on them and it was too complicated/time consuming to put it back on all the time.  We just put the tray back on the chair and stay with him.

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  • Thanks for the suggestions! He is getting more and more mobile although not quite crawling. He kind of scoots and wants to crawl, so maybe it's being confined that he doesn't like. It is definitely the straps that frustrate him because he'll start crying when we start pulling the shoulder straps down.

    The bumbo is a good idea, but he always twists around in it to pick stuff off the floor. He's easily distracted, lol. 

    I might see if he'll do ok with just the tray vs. the straps, as we never leave him alone in the high chair.

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