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Good Visit w/Dr Chen

Finally DH and I had our first consult with Dr. Chen at IRMS St. Barnabas today.  All the positive feedback I got about her from her patients here was right on.  She is kind, supportive, gentle and treated us with dignity and respect.  She carefully spelled out what our options are, basically saying that being 40 somethings doesn't work in our favor but not to give up hope. 

The only disappointment was that the finance rep was not available to meet with us, but we expect her call in the next day or two.  In the meantime, Dr. Chen asked me to get a mammogram since my last one was 2 years ago and to give her the results of the pap smear I get tomorrow with my OB/GYN.

This afternoon I was on the phone with my insurance company to find out coverage for IVF and it's great.  the only catch is that the IVF coverage expires when I turn 45 this November. So if we're going ahead with IVF we have to get moving now!  Then I called my prescription plan to find out how much of the fertility drugs (injections) would be covered.  Since I forgot to ask Dr. Chen for the names of the drugs, the insurance company will contact her to get that info then determine how much will be covered.

It was a relief to leave the office in a positive mood, but I'm still emotionally fragile about this -- the cost, the odds stacked against us due to our ages, mine especially.  DH didn't complain once!  So he feels, as I do, that we were treated well by a infertility team that cares about their patients.

I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again for all the good vibes!



Re: Good Visit w/Dr Chen

  • That sounds like a great place for you! Glad your visit went so well!
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  • That is great news.  Glad to hear you had such a warm feeling leaving there.  Here's hoping you can start the protocol ASAP and have a BFP before you are OOP after your bday.  GL!
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  • I am so glad that your appointment went well & that you like the new doctor.  Going through IF treatment is stressful enough & having a good, caring doctor is a must!
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  • Just want to wish you good luck, but also to let you know that you are in great hands with IRMS. I did 2 IVF's with them and can't say enough good things about them.  
  • Your visit really sounds great....makes me wish I lived in NJ.  So glad your insurance is in good shape and that hopefully you will be able to get started quickly.  Good luck, keep us posted!
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  • Sounds like a great appointment! I hope you can get in for your mammogram asap and get started on the treatments to take advantage of your IVF coverage. Best of luck!

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