How long does this last?

I'm 100% sure that babies/a baby has dropped because suddenly I have a good 3-4 inches between my belly an my boobs. LOL. Aside from that, for the last week I have that good ole kicked in the crotch feeling... lots of pressure down there, and in my bum/tailbone area... and even my THIGHS are aching radiating down from my crotch. Sorry if that's TMI, but I figure we're all moms here! I cant sit, stand, lay, move without my girl parts killing me.  I had this with my singleton pregnancies... but right close to delivery. I guess what I'm asking... how long did this last prior to delivery for you with multiples? My hubby keeps saying I wont make it another week, but my goal is to get to 36 at the LEAST so I'm hoping these babies stay put!

Re: How long does this last?

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    I'm still pregnant so my answer won't really help, but I have been having similar pressure for a few weeks now and I am only 31w5d.  My cervix is still 3 1/2, which is great, but it sure does feel like my girl (Baby A) is going to come out at anytime.  Hope you make it past 36 weeks, good luck!

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    I had the exact pain you are describing on and off from about 32 weeks until I delivered at 37.5 weeks.  It seemed like it would come, stay for a few days, and then go away.  I am not sure what the trigger was.  I would get the burning and aching in my thighs.  I carried really low most of pregnancy.

    My goal was to make it to 36 weeks.  And then from that point on, I just hoped I would go into labor.  But my two were pretty comfy in there!  Hang in there!  The pain should subside to give you a reprieve!  

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