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Male testosterone ?

We just got DH's testosterone levels back.  His free % was 3.12 with a standard range of 1.1-2.8.  His free was 115.8 with a standard range of 35-155.  His doctor referred him to a urologist because of his SA results and said that his testosterone numbers were fine.

I have not been able to find anything on google about the free %.  I will ask the RE about it but that appointment is on hold until I can get my insurance figured out.  I was hoping that maybe one of you ladies had some insight.

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Re: Male testosterone ?

  • Testosterone is usually bound to protein in the blood. Only the "free" testosterone, which is not protein-bound, is the biologically active testosterone. I'm guessing the % free is the fraction of free testosterone to total testosterone. So 3% of his testosterone is not bound to protein, and 97% is protein-bound. It looks like his numbers are completely normal though, so nothing to worry about.

    Hope that helps. 

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  • Thanks.  I am just wondering if the fact that his percentage is higher than nornal affects anything.  His insurance is super quick and they already have him going to a urologist next week.
    BFP on IVF #2 6/29/2012. Beta #1 7/3 = 522; Beta #2 = 1180; Beta #3 = 6491 image BabyFruit Ticker
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