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our first tummy bug

L is throwing up and has a fever.  Is there anything over the counter that I can give her?  Or should I just call the pediatrician?
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Re: our first tummy bug

  • If you call the pedi and get an Rx you will probably get Zofran - which is a miracle if you are comfortable with using it.  I personally like it bc then my kids aren't suffering so badly and they don't get as dehydrated but some people think its better to just get through it med free.
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  • PS - PLEASE be very careful.  I got a bug when I was 18 weeks with Isaac and ended up on IV during a snow storm.  Two banana bags later and an anti-nausea shot that left a fitst sized bruise for 6 weeks I was right as rain.
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  • We are headed to the Pedi. She isn't even holding down water or Tylenol and I'm tired of being puked on. I'm going to need one of those steam cleaners at this rate.
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  • Good luck at the doctor, I hope she's feeling better soon!  We've had quite a few of these at our house and DH and I almost always end up with it a day or two later.  My advice is to buy supplies now while you're feeling okay, things like gingerale, soup, crackers, and meds if you can take any.  Hopefully it won't spread, but those things can be wicked.

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