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If you delivered pre-term

I rec'd this in an email this morning:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Engine Pictures is producing a TV Public Service Announcement for the NIH?s
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development to communicate the risks of pre-term delivery, and to prompt
pregnant women considering elective pre-term delivery to consider a simple
question: is it worth it?

We plan on interviewing a doctor from the NIH along with a mother who
delivered pre-term whose child might have developed respiratory distress
syndrome, infection, cerebral palsy, vision or hearing loss, or other
developmental disabilities relating to pre-term delivery. If you know of a
mom in the DC/Baltimore area who falls into this category and who would be
willing to share her experience on-camera so that other moms could benefit
please let me know, and/or please pass this note on to others.

Ideally, we?ll schedule the interview for the week of August 15 or August
22. We?ll need a maximum of a couple of hours and would prefer to interview
the mom in her own home, but we?re prepared to provide the location if it?s
more convenient. Thanks!


Stephen Kern
Executive Producer
2300 Wisconsin Ave 2nd fl WDC 20007
(202) 342-9559 office
(202) 255-2362 mobile
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Re: If you delivered pre-term

  • Hi,

       I'm the mom of a 32- weeker who had heart problems as a result of her early birth.  It was NOT elective.  I wouldn't want to be interviewed for tv, yikes, that's scary.  But I thought I would share that when i was in the hospital, and still I found the local group Preemies Today to be helpful. http://www.preemiestoday.com/

    They may be able to work with you to find a mom who would be willing to talk to you. 

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