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North End- Kids Haircut

So I think it's time for DS to get his first hair cut! I have no idea where to take him, I can't imagine he will sit still for very long so I was thinking it would need to be one of the kids places but I just don't know. I am bad at neglecting my hair and only get it cut about 2 times per year and just make an appointment at Jean Juarez. That being said, I don't have a regular person I could take him too. Any suggestions?

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  • We've taken T to Bella and Max in Country Village (Bothell) and also Kidz Cuts in Everett off of 128th.  I liked Bella and Max more, plus you get a free train ride.
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  • We took M to Bella and Max in Country Village (Bothell) and we loved it. I was worried she was going to scream but she did great. 
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  • Another Bella & Max fan.  We figured out that Gavin didn't like the smock, so now we just bring an extra shirt and he does fine.  They have a blue angel jet seat, black 50's car, and a pink 50's car.  They can watch movies and play with a basket of toys.  Lots of things to keep them occupied.
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