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School-Aged Children

Are you ready?

For DC to go back to school?

I'm a teacher and excited for the new school year, but sad to be leaving DD...


Re: Are you ready?

  • Honestly, no! My son will be in 2nd grade and I just don't look forward to getting him to school by 7:40am. 
  • Not at all.  This is a big transition year for all of my kids and I'm dreading it. 
  • DD1 starts kindergarten in August and I'm counting down the minutes.  I'm so ready for her to be on a more regular busy schedule.  DD2 returns to her preschool where she'll be in the 3s class. 

    We've had a fun summer with lots of pool time and other good adventures, but when school rolls around I'll be very happy.


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    Not at all.  This is a big transition year for all of my kids and I'm dreading it. 

    What grades are they entering?

  • I am ready. My 5yo has been talking about starting school for months now. He can't wait to have 2 in school :)
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    No, no, no.  I mean, we hve everything she needs, but I don't want her to go!  Feels like summer just started, and while DD has been in part time care/pre-school, this year is full time Kindergarten for her, which is the beginning of many, many years of school... my baby is a big girl which is great, but I wish she could stay a baby a while longer! 
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  • 50/50  DS (ok and me too!) isn't doing so well in a less structured environment this summer, so I'm looking forward to going back to the school year for him.  But, I'm not looking forward to getting them up and out of the house every morning again.  We still have 6 weeks to go, though.  So, ask me again in about 4 weeks and I'm sure I'll say I'm 100% ready.
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  • I don't think I am ready. It is going to be weird for me. My two oldest are going to be at new schools and it will just be me and my youngest at home. It's going to feel soo weird to me. I love having the girls home for the most part. I definately am going to have a hard time getting back into a bedtime/wake up routine for them and myself.

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  • Yes and no. I feel like the summer has flown by but, I do welcome the structure and routine that we have during the school year. 
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  • I have mixed feelings about this.

    I'm a teacher as well, and I'm excited to get back to school because of some new curriculum stuff we're doing this year.  But... the school year is SO hectic and busy at times that in a way I dread losing our wonderful, relaxing summer.  Also, I'm getting tired of arguing with DS over video games every afternoon when I don't have an activity or playdate lined up for him.  His 2 BFFs are both in camp all day every day, which has made it hard for him. 

    On the other hand, my kids are really enjoying hanging out and relaxing, and we've been able to do a TON of fun day trips and activities this summer that I know they'll look back on fondly when they're grown.   


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  • NO!  

    Ask me again after Aug. 16th when we get back from vacation.  Summer has flown by and until we have been on our trip we just arent ready for it to end.

    Plus I have not bought their backpacks, school clothes or shoes yet.  That is a major thing we will be doing on vacation.  We go visit my Uncle with my mom and gma and go school shopping in the huge malls where he lives.  (they may not be big to some but compared to my tiny town and local area they are!) I do have all of their actual supplies though.  Did that Monday and spent around $150 on crayons, markers, pencils, glue sticks, etc.  The kids are so excited about all the new stuff they get to take on the 1st day.  Lol, I remember packing my backpack and getting everything just right for the 1st day of school.  It was so fun and exciting.  

    Im not ready to have 3 in elementary school.  L will be in 1st grade and the girls will be in Kindy.  Im just not mentally ready for them to be old enough for kindy.  I only teared up a little on Ls 1st day.  We were all excited and nervous about starting a new school, not knowing any of the teachers, or anything.  Now that I know all of that and not focused so much about being nervous Im sad.  I know I will be a blubbering mess on the 1st day.  Probably so on the 2nd as well.  :'(  


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  • I'm ready!  In May, I went from a working mom (teacher) of 2 kids to a SAHM of 3 kids moving to a brand new city in June.  Its been crazy!!  I have no job yet, so I may continue to be a SAHM for a while so it will be nice to have one in school and one part-time Pre-K.  I'm excited to have some one-on-one time with #3 and excited for my oldest to start K :)  Going school shopping this weekend.
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  • I can't wait!  This is our first year.  Technically, he is just in Pre-K, but it is at the elementary school and is all day, so I'm posting here - LOL.  We actually get up at the time he will be needing to get up for school anyway, so no big adjustment there.  I think school is going to totally change his entire world, and for the best.  I'm so excited for him. 
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  • No. DS starts kindergarten this year, and while he'll be going to the school I teach at and will be right down the hall... I'm just not ready for him to be growing up like this.

    I'm ready to get back myself though- the honeymoon of being a SAHM is over, and I'm ready to get back to work. :)

  • Yes and no.  I just started teaching last year (high school) and my DD starts kindergarten this year.  This is my first year teaching full-time and we are ttc so I'm a little apprehensive about all the changes.  It will all work out though I am sure.
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  • Funny that you posted this as I was just thinking about it this morning.  I love the summer and while my kids schedules really don't change all that much at this point, life just seems more scheduled during the school year.  We try to cram so many things into the summer on the weekends since its just not long enough that we all get pretty busy.  I do love the fall and back to school but am dreading the winter that follows!
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  • Oh how I'm counting down the days to "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!" aka: School Vacation where I get 8 hours/day to get caught up on work and run errands, mow the yard, etc...  OTOH, I'm PG right now, so that break time will end in December..  The only thing I really don't look forward to with school starting is having to be up at 7AM to get her on the bus...
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