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What are you having for lunch today?

I had an uninspiring and not-worth-the-8-points Lean Cuisine, with celery and carrot sticks. Super lame-o. If you brought your lunch to work or are eating at home, what did you have? I need ideas. (If you're eating out for lunch, feel free to share that too of course :))

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Re: What are you having for lunch today?

  • I have a frozen lunch...the kind in the red box...what are those? WW? How bad is it that I eat these things all the time and I have no idea what brand it is.  It's not Lean Cuisine...I don't really care for them....must be WW right? lol!  Yeah, obviously I didn't put much thought into my lunch today. :-P
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  • When I moved offices, I got a small cube fridge in my office. I LOVE it. I have been going to Wegmans every Sunday and stocking up on a few things for the week. They aren't the most healthy (although they do have salads), but it is 100x better than eating in the cafeteria.

    I haven't eaten yet, but my choices are chicken potstickers, penne with vokda sauce and chicken, and mac and cheese (which was supposed to be for the kids, but they didn't like it so I took it for lunch.) I think today is a penne day.

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  • Chef salad with turkey and ham. Fresh strawberries and cantaloupe and a coke..(my cheat :)
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  • Probably some left over lasagna and a salad. It may change when I get home though. My fridge is FULL of leftovers to pair with salad.
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  • I had chicken noodle soup and a soft pretzel (they are blasting the a/c at work today, so the soup was nice)
  • Peanutbutter roll ups, haha.  AKA tortilla spread with PB and then rolled.  Lunch of champions!  We usually eat dinner leftovers for lunch, but we were gone for the weekend and got home too late and too hot to cook.  Microwave popcorn is sustaining me for the long afternoon.
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  • I wish I could do leftovers, but Jen is a big eater. I take my dinner portion, she eats the rest - even if I've made 4 servings. (And she maintains her size-6 frame quite easily, le sigh.) I have tried scooping out a lunch portion and putting it in a container in the fridge right away, but then I find her eating it later ("I'm hungry!"). Stick out tongue Someday we'll have a big freezer and I can cook and freeze.
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  • I had egg salad with fresh spinach on a bagel thin with some pirate booty on the side and a sparkling water.

    If we have leftovers I have to divide the dinner portions into four servings and put to in containers right away. Then they make it to the next day.

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