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34 week appointment

So...what happens at this appt.?  Just a weight and BP check or what?  I just saw my doc 2 weeks ago and it was a "how ya doing" kind of appt. no real reason for it besides weight and bp!  So...does anyone know, is this one going to be the same?
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Re: 34 week appointment

  • I think it depends on your dr, but most of my recent prenatals have been just a weight and BP, "do you have any questions?" meeting. My dr told me at my last prenatal that this one will just be a check in as well (the 34 week one) and then my 36 is when we'll do a bunch of swabs and internal checks.

    And then it gets bumped up to a "Hi, how ya doing?" prenatal every week! lol.

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  • With the exception of my 20 week u/s and having my blood work done at my first appointment and again around 24 weeks, each visit is the same. Get weighed, pee in a cup, check BP and check the HB. My visits are always uneventful.  To me, this is a good thing.  No news is good news. This past Friday, I had my GBS test, which I did myself and turned into the nurses.

    I turned over my birth plan pretty early on, and we have been on the same page ever since. 

    Now my MW will spend as much time with me as I need, but does not keep me long unless I have questions. It takes me longer to get to and from the office, than my appointment lasts.

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  • Mine was this exactly.  Weight, BP, heartbeat, fundal height measurement, turn in pee sample.  The doctor asked if I had any questions and then did a quick talk about labor signs and when to go directly to the hospital v. when to call the doctor.

    At the 36 week appointment they will do my first internal exam for dilation and effacement, check position of baby to make sure he's not breach, and do my Group B strep test.

  • For mine, everything is the same (weight & BP) up until 38wks. Then I start going every week and they start cervix checks. 
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  • Just had my 34 week appt last week and it was pretty much exactly what you stated... I go back at 36 weeks and will have some swabs and Dr will check on babies positioning as he was breech a few weeks ago...



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  • mine is weight, BP check and how are you? He also gives me a what is going to happen next speech. They start checking my cervix at 36 weeks
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