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Here is my story..a little late but I and just now having the time to update all the birth boards!

My little man made his appearance 4 weeks early.  That Sunday May 22 we were finishing up his nursery and washing all his goodies up that I had gotten from his baby shower that week.   I had noticed that day i was spending alot more time it seemed going to the bathroom and my dog was acting really strange.  He was under my feet all day.  I was doing laundry and folding clothes when I suddenly dropped to my knees in with the worst pain I had ever felt.  My husband immediately grabbed the bags and put me in the car.  I wanted to lay on my left side and drink water since I knew I wasn't in labor becuase it was too early.  We had an hour drive to the hospital so away we went.  I was in the worse pain I ever felt and scared to death there was a problem.  When we arrived at l&d I had the most incrediable urge to push...the nurses all thought I was being a sissy and told me that I was probably not in labor because this was my first baby and it normally takes a while for labor to really progress.  the nurse handed me a cup and asked for a urine sample and thats when the flood gates opened and the head was crowning...boy did things kick into high gear then..the doc had to be paged cause she left to get dinner and I had to get wheeled into a room all the while trying to breathe thru the contractions so I wouldn't push!  The doc arrived I pushed 9 times and out he flew!  I can remember telling them all that I had a plan and I needed an epidural...that didnt happen and so much for plans!  I was in labor for 1 hour and in the delivery room for 28 minutes and in that time I had a beutiful 6lb 9oz healthy baby boy!


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