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hard days night

i went into labor sunday afternoon. but my contractions were too far apart to get too excited about. waited it out through the night into the early morning. about 4:30am they were 4 minutes apart and getting stronger. time to go. get to the hospital. dialated 1 cm. they gave me the options of going home or getting settled into a room, i opted for the room. i stayed in labor all day only getting to 2cm. they tried cervidil and pitocin. nothing happened except my contractions got closer together and stronger, but still holding strong at 2cm. my water broke some time late afternoon and i was bleeding like a crime scene. my contractions were a minute apart for several hours. exhausted i asked for an epidural. the nurse had to stick the needle into my spine 2 different times because my ligaments weren't cooperating. so now i am feeling good. about 2 hours go by and i can start to feel contractions again. the nurse ends up coming back two more times to administer more medicine. finally morning rolls around and my doctor comes in and tells me my water has been broken for too long and it's c-section time. so with in minutes they are prepping me. they give me some antibiotics and immediately i start violently throwing up. i get myself put together. numb and exhausted, i am wheeled into an OR where my epi starts to wear off again. i could feel them cutting into my stomach. and digging through my organs. well i was in so much pain i don't remember much until they actually got the baby out.  i think i had passed ou. they wouldn't show her to me for some reason. and then i passed out again.  i woke up to the baby not in the room and my boyfriend looking worried. turns out my water had been broken too long and i developed an infection called chorio. which essentially is an infection where my aminotic fluid looked like milk. the baby was sent to the NICU and i was sent to recovery where i laid there fading in and out of consciousness. 3 hours later they took me down to see my beautiful baby girl.  rough time? yes but totally worth it :)

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