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Question about NJ & PA HR benefits

I work in PA but live in NJ.  NJ has great maternity leave benefits and from what I hear PA doesn't have squat.  Does anyone know if I am eligible for NJ benefits b/c I live here?  I would love to get a little money from either STD or Family Leave Insurance, I know that my company will hold my job for 12 weeks so I am not worried about that.  Thanks ladies!
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Re: Question about NJ & PA HR benefits

  • My understanding is that you are eligible if your company is covered under New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Law. 

    If you work in PA, I am thinking you would be covered under PA unemployment law but I am not 100% sure.

    Take a look at your paystub to see if PA or NJ taxes are being taken out by your employer.


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  • I work in health insurance and since your company is in PA....they have to follow PA laws to when they administer leave.
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  • Your benefits are based on where you work, like the PP said.  I work and live in PA, so I got PA disability.  My DH got NJ paternity leave because he works in Jerz. 
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  • OK, I am totally confused here.  I thought PA didn't have state run disability, only NJ?  

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  • I work in HR and the NJ short term disability is based on where the company is located not on where you live. PA to my knowledge does not offer any maternity short term disability insurance. However, your company may offer short term disability. Check with your HR dept and see if you have Short Term Dis. if so check the policy and see if pregnancy is covered.

  • that is correct-- PA does not have short term disability run by the state. You would have to check with your employer to see if they have or offer Short Term Disability. Most companies do offer it, but you must check it out. I live and work in PA and have used STD thru my employer. Although, keep in mind that FMLA requires that your company hold your job for 12 weeks. In PA , the employer has to hold your job for 12 weeks but the state and the employer are not required to pay you anything while you are on leave...they simply "hold your job until you return".....i hope this helps. Check with your employer or if need be, check with an employment lawyer. Most employement lawyers will charge you 25.00 - 100.00 per hour to have a consultation. Or simply call the PA or NJ labor board.


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