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Day 5 blastocyst question ...

We are going for Day 5 / blasto with 4 fertlized. I thought I was going to have to do Day three and transfer multiple eggs. I'm 40. Anyone transfer a Day 5 blast and get pregnant and have a healthy child? How old are you? I'm only looking to transfer one and if I'm lucky freeze more. Anyone familiar with thawing blastocysts?

Re: Day 5 blastocyst question ...

  • i had like 16 fertilize and i had 5 make it to day 5 we put 2 in and ended up with 1 healthy baby.  we froze 3 on day 6 (they were a little behind so they wanted to let them grow another day and see how they did)
    1 chemical and 1 loss at 9 weeks prior to DS
    IVF #1 1/10-transfered 2 blasts- DS born 10/2010

    Trying for # 2 since 2012.  2 failed FETS 1 failed IUI.
    IUI#2 4/14/14-- BFP !!!!! Beta #1 14dpiui= 45 Beta #2 16dpiui= 80  Beta #3 18dpiui= 88 (chemical pregnancy)
    March 2015- Chemical pg

    1/25/16- BFP  Beta1 12dpo = 17, Beta 2 14 dpo = 28.. resulted in one beautiful boy born 9/21/16 :)

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    YAY on your day 5 transfer :)

    We retrieved 19, 14 mature, 8 fertilized, transferred 1 (day 5) and 5 made it to freeze. healthy 3 year old now.

    I have also done 3 FET's since then.

    FET#1 transferred one, BFP, m/c

    FET#2 transferred two since they were frozen together, BFP, one healthy 1 year old now.

    FET#3 transferred one, 35 weeks pregnant today

    I am 33 years old.

    So far we have had a 100% thaw rate.  I think rates vary by clinic but ours is over 90%.  The two that we had frozen together were our lowest quality.  They did give us an option though of only transferring one and trying to re-freeze the other but there is a chance it wouldn't make it so we transferred both. 

    Good luck on your transfer!

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    We have not made it to day 5, nor does my RE do it unless doing an eSet. If I could, I would probably transfer one at my age, 29 but if I were over 35 I would probably transfer 2.


    ETA: I had 6 good embryo's on day 3 and one made it to freeze. We did an FET with it in April, it was a 5AA blast...sucessful but ended in m/c.

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  • We transferred two on day 5 for our FET (one expanded blast, one still compacted embryo) and are expecting twins.  I am 34. 

    They are thawed from our fresh cycle where we had 10 retrieved, 7 mature, 5 fertilized w/ICSI and we ended up w/four left.  We transferred two on day 3 (and froze the two I'm pg w/now), but had a m/c of a singleton at 8 1/2 weeks.

    As I told you on the other board, if you only want one, I would only transfer one.  GL!

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    FET w/acu = BFP!, B/G twins!, lost MP @19w, dx w/funneling cervix @20w,
    twins nearly lost to IC @21w, saved by rescue cerclage, 17P & 16w of bedrest
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  • I just did a Day 5 transfer and transferred one blast and I am pregnant (5weeks/4days).  I am 38.  My RE wanted me to transfer 2 or even 3 blasts but I wasn't comfortable with that.  We ended up having 6 to freeze.

    My clinic only freezes blastocysts so that is all they end up thawing.  This is the first time I've ever had any to freeze so no experience on thawing.

    ETA:  I'm 37, not 38.  Good grief, I cannot believe I added another year.


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    Retrieved 15 eggs, 11 mature, 10 fertilized with ICSI, 6 made it to day 5. I transferred 1, 10 days before my 34th birthday. He's the cutie in my siggy.

    The other 5 were frozen and we are going to do an FET in September. Still debating whether to do 1 or 2, but we are comfortable with twins (as long as it is safe for me - which I'm getting a 2nd opinion on). If I wasn't comfortable with twins, especially with 5 day blasts, I would just transfer 1.

  • Fresh cycle = 30 retrieved, 20 fertilized, 16 made it to 5 day (some to 6).  I have PCOS and totally overstimmed...not sure about my quality since there was so much quantity.

    IVF #1 = transferred 2 5AA hatching blasts, BFN

    FET#1 = transferred 2 5AA expanded blasts, 1 stuck (DD) [Also 1st cycle on Lovenox after discovering my clotting disorders]

    FET#2 = transferred 1 5AA and 1 5BB expanded blasts, c/p

    Most of these embies were day 6. From what I've read, it's advisable to wait it out until day 5 before transferring, just to see which ones arrest and which don't..but others do really well with 3 day transfers too.  I think it all depends on your individual situation.  I was 31 when I did the fresh cycle and I'm 33 now.

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