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Childbirth/Breastfeeding classes at Methodist?

Who's taken them?  Were they useful?  Informative?  Or a waste of time?

I've heard mixed reviews about these classes in general and even my doctor said some people like them and others say it's a waste of time.  Thoughts?

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Re: Childbirth/Breastfeeding classes at Methodist?

  • I took the Childbirth class and only to benefit my DH.  I am a NICU nurse so I am knowledgable in that department, I really wanted my DH to hear what goes on.  Out of 15 men/dads, he was 1 of 2 that participated and it really helped him understand L and D.  We also toured L and D and the PP unit.  It was a good little class, we did it on a Saturday.  If you are going to deliver at Methodist in the Med Center sign up for Womans Plus Program (online I believe).  You get a little itty bitty discount on parking and if you deliver during the weekday, your H can get a meal voucher. 

    I did not do the Breastfeeding class. I have a huge support system of breastfeeding friends and LCs.  If that is something you want to do, I would.   Their LCs were AWESOME, the ones in the hospital and the ones at their Stork Nest.

    Hope I gave you some insight.  If I had no clue about childbirth or breastfeeding I would take a class at the hospital I was going to deliver at. 

  • My husband and I enjoyed the childbirth classes.  We had a pretty involved group and the nurse teaching it was great.  I was never really in the dark about childbirth and had already ready two books on it, but the relaxation techniques, tour, and talking to others part was fun and informative. 

    Now the breastfeeding I didn't do and saw as a waste of time since the only way I was really going to learn was with my actual child. Plus, when you are in the hospital they send a breastfeeding nurse to you to help you get started.  So I saw that class as a waste of time.  

    This is our second so we'll go to the class for that and take our son to the one for siblings.  It's mostly to benefit him.  I now what pushing a baby out fully entails now, lol!
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  • I did the breastfeeding class, and we are currently in the childbirth class.  If you've done your reading on breastfeeding and have a good support system, the breastfeeding class was a waste of time.  I knew the answer to another mother's question that the nurse had to look up the answer to.  I like the childbirth, although I will agree with a PP that I did it mostly so that my husband would have some information before hand.  The tour was nice, and we have a good group of people, so it's ok.  The book they give you is pretty informative.
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  • We did the childbirth class (which I wasn't sure would be valuable since I was pregnant with my 3rd child) but I am glad I did. The class is presented in a way that assumes you are going to have a natural birth (which I appreciated) although the class does discuss pain management (e.g., an epidural). I got a lot out of it. [ :
  • Sorry this response is a little late, but I wanted to give my feedback.  I am the type of person that researches everything, but I still found the classes- both the breastfeeding and childbirth classes very useful.  I think my husband got alot out of them as well.  The breastfeeding class was good, because it really helped my husband see the benefit of breastfeeding--which in turn helped him be a great support for me in the beginning when it was tough.  The lactation consultants through methodist are also really awesome...they were very helpful with helping me when my little one and I had some latch problems- we got it all figured out and I am proud to say my baby girl is 8 months old and still happily breastfeeding away :)  Since she was my first child, the consultants really helped me with my anxieties and concerns (is she getting enough milk, can I eat this, etc...).  If you do or don't take the class, definitely use the Lactation Center as a resource for any concerns you have.  Hope that helps!!
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