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Sorry I didn't post this like 12 months ago

Hi All,

I realize I never posted my birth story...until today, when I got a BFP I haven't been back on the Bump since having my daughter. I loved reading birth stories so better late than never I hope!

Background - I was team green. Due date was 6/8/10 which was a bummer because DH's BFF was getting married on 6/12, 2+ hours away and we didn't think we'd make it. BTW, it looks like I just joined the Bump because I couldn't login with my old stuff.

On the morning of 6/12 I was feeling great so we decided to go to the wedding! A very understanding bride said we could have a game day decision. I'm so glad we went. DH was in the wedding and I danced the whole night with my big belly. It was a scene for sure. We spent the night and drove home on 6/13. Going to bed that night, I had a feeling we were going to have a baby.

I woke around 3 am on 6/14 and kept having to poop. I started timing it. I pooped like every 5 minutes. I guess that's what contractions felt like for me. I woke DH at 5 (he'd been sleeping in the other room cuz of my insane bed-shaking snoring). We took our time, showered, called the OB who said, "yep, get to the hospital" and left around 7. By that time I was doubled over in major labor. I think birth class made me think I'd have time to kill. I guess you do and you don't. We got to the hospital, they separated us so i could change and they could ask me whether I was in an abusive relationship which I'm guessing they ask everyone (!). I hadn't made up my mind about the epidural but loved it once I got it, which was around 8:30 or 9 am.

We watched TV like all day. They didn't have me on pitocin because I was having very strong contractions even with the epidural. I had odd contractions, every other one was double the strength and lasted twice as long. Then it got scary.

The baby's heart beat kept going down during the massive contractions. They put a monitor inside me, on the top of her head to get her true heartbeat. They kept rolling me over and smashing my belly to try to get her off the cord. They told me they thought I'd need a CS. I told them that I really really didn't want one. So, they had me push even though I wasn't totally dialated, to try to get the baby down. I probably pushed like 10 times and I pushed her out! Nothing like hearing the baby's heartbeat go soooo slowly to give me some mega strength.

I had Quinn at 4:10 pm on 6/14/10. She weighed 6 lbs, 7oz and was 18 inches long. She's still petite! We're hoping for a sticky baby and to give her a brother or sister in March.

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Re: Sorry I didn't post this like 12 months ago

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