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**ksiana** - Elfster gift wow and kudos!! (PIP)


Siana, Thank you so very much for the amazing Elfster gift!!!!!

I felt like a 10-year old opening Christmas gifts and just kept pulling and pulling things out.   My husband was just as into the opening of it as I was.  He thinks what we all are doing is so great and is very appreciative (as am I) for all of the chocolates!  The personal gift to me of the nail polish and lip balm was very sweet of you.

I love all of the handmade booties and adorable!

We read the Listen to Alaska's Animals book with the sounds of the eagle, beaver, bear, whale, and our 3 doggies were even having a ball opening the gift with us.  They loved the sounds.

Thank you so much!   You are such a kind soul...I can't wait for you to open your gift!

HUGS AND LOVE and so much luck with your pending arrival!!!  *keep in touch*

-Avery and William 






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Re: **ksiana** - Elfster gift wow and kudos!! (PIP)

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    YAY!!  I'm so glad you got it! I was so excited about getting everything for you guys. I'm really glad you both and the dogs enjoyed everything in it. I could have put some many other things in there... but I held back the urge.

    We will definitely keep in touch! I had so much fun sending you those things. Now I can't wait to see pics of your little princess!

    Take care and I will talk to you soon.

    Hugs and Love to you as well! :)

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