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Baptist Hospital and Pediatrician


 We are currently looking for a pediatrician that works with Baptist Hospital. I am a little behind on this part of my checklist. Any recommendations??

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Re: Baptist Hospital and Pediatrician

  • You might get some more replies if you specify which Baptist Hopsital you are looking for.

    If you are looking at North Central Baptist my current peditrician goes there Dr. Beatty at Tejas Pediatrics and we have been happy with the care my son has received there.   Dr. Bauer is also with them and I have heard good things about her.   They do require you follow the AAP vaccination schedule in case you were considering some alternative. 

    I've also heard good things about ABCD Pediatrics from a friend and my DH was speaking to someone on a plane that likes them.   I'm pretty sure they would go to North Central Baptist also.   They also require you follow the AAP vaccination schedule.

    If you're delivering close to where you live or where you're willing to drive for doctor's appointments you could also ask your OB if they have a list of peditricians they recommend.  Good luck finding a peditrician that works.

  • As far as a pediatrician I couldn't agree more with the previous poster.  I take my son to Tejas Pediatrics and we see Dr. Bauer.  My Son loves her.  Dr. Beatty is the one who actually came to the hospital and we saw her once when Dr. Bauer was out of the office and needed to get in.  We liked her as well.  The Dr's in that office are amazing. 
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