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Please Help! Don't know where to deliver, don't know which OB's

I need to find an OB as I'm 6w pregnant w/ our first child. (currently under care w/ my fertility doc- wish I could keep seeing him, ha ha!).


We just moved to Blue Bell, PA, so I'm not familiar with the area. I work in Newtown (bucks county) so I 45 min drive to and from work. And my husband works in Center City (so a 40 min train ride).  I'm assuming that we would pick a hospital near our home... but not sure if there are good hospitals in the area (as I am high risk).  Mercy seems like a little small for my comfort....

Anyone know of hospitals close to Blue Bell? Would you consider driving to Bryn Mawr of Lankenau from there? Should I be concerned that I may go in labor when my husband is in the city and will have no way to get to the hospital except for a cab?

Any help would be really appreciated as I'm so lost right now. Thanks!



Re: Please Help! Don't know where to deliver, don't know which OB's

  • Welcome to the area! My daughter goes to school in Blue Bell and I live in Plymouth Meeting.  For delivery- Abington Memorial hospital.  Hands down.  DO NOT GO TO MERCY.  I was high risk.  Abington is a great hospital with great staff.

    I use Women's Healthcare Group.  It is a large practice with a few locations.  They have an office in North Wales.  I used the office on Oxford Ave in Philly for my main location since I used to live in Elkins Park.

    I used to work in Newtown and grew up in Richboro.  I can make it from Newtown to Blue Bell in 40 mins when there is no traffic. 

    Hope this helps!  Good luck!

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  • I live in Blue Bell (Welcome!). I agree with the previous poster - go to Abington Hospital. My old OB only delivered at Suburban Hospital in Norristown and they don't have a NICU (unless that changed recently). I felt uncomfortable knowing if something happened to my baby that we would be separated. I switched to Womencare OB/GYN in Horsham/Willow Grove with my DS and with my upcoming child. They also have an office in Abington Hospital. They've been great and offer a couple classes to pregnant women. It's a women-only practice and I've had a good experience with them. My twin sister who lives in Bucks County also uses this practice (had 2 babies with them too).

     FYI - not sure where you are in Blue Bell but from my house (near the Wissahickon Schools)  I just shoot down Susquehanna Road, which pratically takes you right to Abington Hospital.

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  • I am in KOP-

    I would definitely drive to Bryn Mawr from Blue Bell. Very good hospital. I delivered both kids there. Great nurses-

    If you need an OB recommendation- I would suggest Phillip Hirshman/Joseph Castelli- they are in KOP.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the cab situation- first labors tend to be long. Both of my labors were 18hrs and 17hrs from start to finish.

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  • adri77adri77 member
    Ditto PPs- no on Mercy or the other one in Norristown.....I also vote Abington, with my second choices being Bryn Mawr or Lankinau.  I delivered at Abington and it was wonderful (x2, on #3 now).  I use Abington Primary Women's Care.  LOVE dr Murphey and dr Michaelson.  GL!
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  • adri77adri77 member
    Oh yeah, and I'm in your sitch too.....DH works in the city and takes the train from Norriston.  We live in collegeville, so he had 40 min (in rush hour) + 40 min train ride......last time it all worked out, I went into labor at night and hoping for the same to happen this time!  I'm also going to suggest if DH can either drive those days (which could take much much longer I guess!!!) or work remotely the last couple of weeks....we will see!!!  I'm just envisioning me driving myself and 2 kids to the hospital!!!!
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  • Thanks so much for your help! I'm deciding between Bryn Mawr or Abington right now......

    Was thinking of using Mainline Women's Health, which delivers at BM. I like that their office is so close (Plymouth Meeting) so it will be easier for my husband and I to get to and get to work from.

     But I think I like Abington Hospital better- seems a little more new? Although I don't have much insight rather than I went to Mainline Fertility at BM for a bit and had a consult at Abington Fertility. So, not really that much to go off of. Ha! 

  • If you are talking about Mercy Suburban on Dekalb Pike, don't worry-- they don't have labor & delivery so it's not an option ;)

     I am due in September and bucking all trends and giving birth at Montgomery Hospital in Norristown.  I was admitted at 23 weeks for kidney stones and got such amazing care there.  I know the actual location leaves something to be desired, but all the nurses and doctors were so attentitive to me while I was there-- even when there was an unusually high number of births the night I was there!

    I don't know much about Bryn Mawr, but my SIL gave birth to both of her girls at Abington (commuted from Langhorne) and had no problem getting there in time.  She has nothing but good things to say about her experience.

  • I live in Norristown and I had a god awful experience at Bryn Mawr but I also know other people who delivered there and loved it.  I will be looking to deliver at Abington the next time around.
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  • Abington! my sis in law delivered there and loved it. loved it. I delivered at Paoli and will again. For you, i highly recommend Abington


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