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how my daughter came to get evicted from my belly

So I was 39 1/2 weeks when I went for my doctors appt and my blood pressure shot up.  He wanted me to got to the hospital the next morning to get induced, which turned into the morning after that I got admited.  I got to the hospital at 3 am, they started me shortly after that on the meds.  My doc left the hospital at 7 am the second doc that came told me I had a extremely high chance of having a c-sectionand broke my water.  Not what I wanted to hear at all!  That doc left at 7 am the next morning.  The nurse came and checked me and I was at 7cm after 29 hours of  labor with my bp still out of wack.  I got a epidural  shortly after that around 1 pm the nurse checked me again I was still at 7 cm and was starting to run a fever.  So they preped me for an emergancy c-section and after 36 hours of fun filled labor my child was evicted, as I like to say because she did not want to come out period!  Thats my birth story without going too far into detail.

Re: how my daughter came to get evicted from my belly

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