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True Blood (spoilers)

So....looks like Jason is about to have some fun. I assume that was a line to try to get KU with panther cubs. But why did Crystal give him "mexican Viagra". How is hotshot sophisticated enough to get a hold of whatever that is when they eat squirrels and *** with the fur on? (gross btw). Why didn't she give him some v? Or would that interfere with changing him? And why raping him already? Don't they want to make sure he's one of them when it's a full moon first? I'm sad Eric killed Claudine. WTF? I thought it was funny Sookie was reading a Charlaine Harris book. The witches are effing nuts. Tommy is effing nuts. He's annoying, why is he still around? Is Debbie going to go on a bender and go after sookie? When are they going to start explaining things?
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Re: True Blood (spoilers)

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    Last night was definitely all over the place. Seriously I was kind of disturbed by Jason being raped and the creepy girls watching looking like they were just waiting until it was their turn.

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    Eric is sexy as hell!! Loved when he giggled when Sookie was washing his feet. But I hate that he killed Claudine!

    I am hating Bill! I like that they explained fairly quick that he set up Eric.

    Jason getting gang raped was disturbing... And since they were all over the place last night, I'll follow suit and be all over the place too! Love that Sookie was reading a Charlaine Harris novel!
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    Just watched it. 

    Why did Eric kill Claudine? That screws up a lot later on.

    Tommy is annoying. He needs to go. That whole story line sucks.

    The Jason gang rape was WTF.

    Bill sucks.

    Eric was hot.


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