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small abdomen.... unborn baby help!

so i just got a call from my high risk drs office and they said that the baby is going good but the abdomen is growing rather small 5th% range.... and now i have to go in every week to keep an eye on it, anyone have this or had this? what does it mean? can i do anything to help it along? ect? just worried



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Re: small abdomen.... unborn baby help!

  • I had an ultrasound done 10 days ago when I was admitted to the hopsital for high blood pressure, and the peri dr said it looked like his abdomen was smaller than it should be. Otherwise his growth was on track, but I never got "official" word from anyone. When I went back to see my midwife last week, I told her this and she said it's not uncommon and most of the time it's not an issue. It's great that they are keeping a close eye on your baby and seeing you more frequently. They are doing ultrasounds every 3 weeks to monitor his growth, and said if things get worse they'll take him early. So just relax, take it easy, and let that baby keep growing! How far along are you, by the way?

  • i am 28 weeks today
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  • I just had this scare... babies that are under/around the 5th percentile are at risk for an IUGR, it's a growth restriction. Basically if baby continues to grow at the same percentile, baby is growing. If baby's growth start to decline, like fall into a lower percentile, then they would be worried that the baby is getting enough nutrients for some reason, perhaps the placenta or a problem with the cord. They could choose to induce you with a small baby if they think they would thrive better outside, and if you have an IUGR, they would def want to induce so baby continues to grow.

    Anyway... not much you can do except go to each appointment and hope baby grows bigger.

    In my case, I went 2 weeks ago, they said baby's head was about the 5th percentile and total growth was about 10th. Today, baby's head went up to 10th-15th area and abdomen is in the 20th-25th. So, it is possible for baby to catch up and now they're not going to monitor me as often, just once a month. So good luck and let's hope baby grows some before next week. :-)

  • I do high rish OB sono and basically, sometimes babies growth can start to decline, sometimes its all the measurements we use, sometimes its just the belly or head ....we like to follow t hese babies to make sure they do well so they get montly growth scans and should be monitored once or twice weekly to make sure they are doing well in there....its hard to say why it happens so the best thing to do is monitor closer
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  • Often babies have growth spurts though, and next week the abdomen may have caught up. So try not to worry too much! You'll get a better picture of things over the next few ultrasounds.

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