Hi ladies. I had my VBAC & Team Green Mom here!

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Well, I had 3/4 of my post typed yesterday with birth story included, but then I hit a key & did something dumb, and now I can't find it. I was too tired to retype it, so maybe for later today. :)

Long story short: I had a successful, albeit emotional rollercoaster of a VBAC. And Team Green is Team PINK!! Emerson Claire "Emmie" was born 7/7 @ 11:34am, weighing-in at 7lbs7oz and 20.5 inches.

We are in such shock! If I had any inkling of the baby I was carrying, it was almost always boy! LOL!! She also followed no OWTs....Baseline HR for the last half of pregnancy was 105-120s (it's never been really "high" either); I didn't have the skin problems/extra weight gain/stealing beauty, etc; and I didn't look pregnant from behind.

 My OB even thought she would be a he, and did a double take when announcing the sex. Everyone in the room was shocked, and about 95% of people all agreed with me that I was carrying a boy! :)

So Birth Story will come, but a few pics for now.: 








High-risk L&D nurse...If in doubt, go to triage!

Trevor Calvin 12.10.07 7:26pm 7lbs2.5oz 19.75in

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Emerson Claire 07.07.11 11:34am 7lbs7oz 20.5 in

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Re: Hi ladies. I had my VBAC & Team Green Mom here!

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