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Birth Story of Jackson Robert


                Jackson came into the world June 27, 2011 at 6:54 pm weighing 8 lb. 2 oz. and measuring in at 20 inches.  I went into the hospital to be induced because of my creeping high blood pressure, persistent swelling and bad headaches which indicated possible pre-eclampsia.  I had been going to the hospital for weekly non-stress tests because Jackson had a 2-vessel umbilical cord so they had been monitoring us for a while and felt like it was okay to get him out a week early.  We had five ultrasounds during the pregnancy and he was consistently measuring one then two weeks ahead and we knew the 2-vessel cord wasn?t affecting him which was a huge relief. 

                We arrived at the hospital at 6am and the pitocin was started at 6:30am and I immediately started having slight contractions.  I was already 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced and had been contracting for weeks.  The OB came in and broke my water at 7:30am which was pretty painless.  First, it was a slight leak and then when I got up to go to the bathroom there was a huge, disgusting gush.  All day I continued to gush fluid which made it uncomfortable to reposition and use the bathroom.  The nurses were great- they were chatting away and just kept us happy and reassured that everything was going okay. 

                The pitocin was increased every 20-30 minutes and I really started to feel uncomfortable around 12:00pm.  I had dilated to 3-4 cm by then (100% effaced) and the OB said I could get the epidural.  I was trying to hold out until at least 5 cm because I had heard that the epidural could slow down labor.  At 1:00pm, the nurse brought up the fact that my blood pressure was elevating steadily with the pain and warned me that I could be given magnesium to get it under control.  I agreed to have Nubain (narcotic that doesn?t relieve pain but makes you not care about anything) instead of the epidural to see if it helped with the blood pressure issue.  At this point, DH and I were taking pictures, on the ipad, watching TV and joking around with the nurses.  A few minutes after the Nubain, I began to feel nice and loopy.  I really felt the pain lessen and was glad I agreed to it.  All of a sudden, the nurse starts telling me to flip to my left side and then they yell to get up on my hands and knees.  I had no idea what was going on but apparently Jackson?s heart rate had dropped into the 80?s and they were worried about him.  The OB rushes in along with a few more nurses and quickly leaves after telling them to turn the pitocin off for a while.  In a panic, I told the nurse to get me the epidural asap because I was worried about an emergency c-section (turns out that decelerations in the heart rate happen in almost every birth?it?s only worrisome if it keeps happening during the labor).  I was given an oxygen mask and told to relax.

                The anesthesiologist came in around 2:00pm (almost 5cm at the time so I knew I made my goal).  The epidural was painless and extremely quick.  I remember just feeling nothing at all and seeing those contractions peak on the monitors?it was the best decision I ever made!  Things calmed down after that.  My family started arriving and I finally felt better because Jackson?s heart rate was okay and my blood pressure instantly decreased.  I think they waited a little bit and then turned the pitocin back on slowly.  My nurse got sent home and the new nurse and I became fast friends.  I think my in-laws came in at some point but mostly it was just my DH and my Mom hanging out in the room. 

                At 6:00pm, I was 9.5cm dilated and everyone started getting really excited.  I did a practice push to see if the cervical ?lip? would disappear but the nurse told me we needed to wait another 30-45 minutes until it disappeared.  I stated feeling immense pain/pressure after that.  It was so intense I was clutching at the sides of the hospital bed during each contraction.  DH was feeding me ice chips and I was trying not to freak out.  I was checked again at 6:30pm and the nurse said I was a ten and it was time to start pushing!  A few practice pushes later and the OB was called in.  I remember pushing with all my might (2-3 times during each contraction) and saying ?got to get him out? over and over.  I know I was making awful faces?I really felt like an animal!  It worked though because I could feel him moving down with the pushes.  I pushed for around 25 minutes and like a freight train, Jackson came squalling into the world.  They put him on my chest and I think I said ?oh my God? or something but I was so stunned he was finally born.  DH and my Mom went with him to the warmer to get cleaned up while the OB delivered the placenta and gave me one stitch.  He said it was a superficial tear and that it was no big deal.  Everyone was surprised at his size because it actually was a true 2-vessel cord (I really wanted to see it but they had already packed it up to pathology and then I forgot about it).  We took pictures and let him breast feed and then let the rest of the family in for a few minutes.  I was so shocked and happy and relieved that it was over.  We helped give Jackson his first bath and then they got us to our room.  I got some crackers and water finally (starved but for some reason they didn?t want me to eat).  That first night was okay?I wanted the nurses to come take him because I was so weak and just not sure I could take care of him.  The days flew by and we were released Wednesday afternoon.  His weight had decreased from 8 lb. 2oz. to 7 lb. 5 oz. so we had to take him to get weighed the next day and to get checked out.  He gained 2 oz. at the check up and since my milk came in he is eating great every two hours.  I love everything about motherhood even getting up in the night.  He is amazing and I am even talking about the next kid already!!  Sorry this is super long?I just want to remember every detail.  I remember pouring over birth stories trying to get as much knowledge as I could before the birth.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading it! 

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