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Akron City or Akron General?

If you had a choice between both hospitals, which did you choose?  I can go to either of them.
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Re: Akron City or Akron General?

  • I am trying to figure out the same thing! I have had 2 c-sections at City but was thinking of possibly trying out General for this pregnancy. I'm undecided.
  • I can't say anything about Akron City as I haven't been there but I just delivered at Akron General and had a pretty good experience. The nurses in labor and delivery were very good. The neighbors in the post partum area were good. I can't complain about anything for the most part. The food was hospital food but they were nice enough to send my husband food as well even though we didn't order any.

    I do know other people who had the choice and went to Akron General. I also know some who had nurses from hell at both. Good luck with your decision.

  • I have delivered at Akron General and will do so again.  I have a choice I just prefer General to City.  I have had great care there and they were so helpful and accommodating.  In fact when I had my son, they got me moved to a new room within a few minutes of me asking.  I was placed in a room with a young girl who was squeeling with her mom and friend and wouldn't keep it down, I had just given birth and been up for almost 22 hours and I had had enough.  The nurse was so nice when I asked she said she understood and would see what whe could do, within a few minutes she moved me.  Thank goodness.
  • general.

    i haven't heard anything good w/ city. and my dad had surgery there and it was just dirty.

    i had an emergency c section. I seriously loved loved loved my nurse jeanette...she sat my by bedside watching and monitoring me and my baby, until were were strong enough for the c section. the care i received was just amazing...i had my baby at 30 weeks, and they treated me so well.


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  • I recently delivered at General and am thinking that I will try City next time.

    I am sure there are "issues" anywhere you go, I just felt like in almost EVERY instance something was done wrong, or I was very dissatisfied with how things were handled. All I will say is, you can tell a BIG difference between the people there that care and the ones that don't.

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  • I had the option of delivering at either one, so DH and I toured both. We chose General and had a wonderful experience there. Mine was an induction that didn't 'take' so I ended up with a c/section -- not an emergency c though. All of the staff we dealt with was great (except the one resident who happened to be on duty the evening I was admitted didn't have the best bedside manner). I liked that Childrens hospital was right next door if we needed it (we didn't, thankfully) and that the Childrens staff managed the NICU wing at General. And, for 'hospital food' I thought it was pretty decent.

    I've heard both good and bad stories about both places. All you can do is tour both, ask plenty of questions, and see what kind of vibe you get from both before making your choice. Good luck!

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  • I worked at City Hospital and seen the good and the bad, and the bad in my opinion out weigh the good, my insurance fortunetly allows me to pick which one and so i am going to general, they have an event called, baby fair on nov 6 1-3 for a tour and other fun things for moms to be!  General gets my vote!
  • As a nursing student, I've seen both and I would DEFINITELY opt for Akron City.  
  • I work at City and will deliver there too.  Children's Hospital runs the Special Care Nursery unit so they are always available if a problem comes up during your baby's stay. I encourage everyone to visit City, talk with the nurses and staff during your tour.  Check out thewomen's health blog a summaflourish.org. I think it is a neat blog with some great info on women's health.
  • My Sister and my best friend both delivered at general. Ive only heard good things, especially with nurses and the staff allowing more than 2 visitors. 



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