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Disposable vs. washable nursing pads

Which kind did you use? I bought one pack of each since I was unsure. I think the disposable ones sound fine but if you plan on nursing for awhile does this way make sense? Your opinions please.
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Re: Disposable vs. washable nursing pads

  • i have some of both and I use both. The reusable ones I have are so soft and are great if you're wearing nipple cream (my nipples tend to stick to the disposable ones some!) I like them especially for at night because they're softer and more comfortable.

    However, the disposable ones I have are definitely more absorbent. I try to wear those if I'm going out in public or going to be around company right now - I learned the hard way when I started leaking randomly in front of some friends the other day and I had to run to the bedroom and change!  

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  • I have some of each, and I actually like the disposables better.  The washable ones are more comfortable, but the milk goes through them pretty quickly if I leak heavily, so I usually wear the disposables just because I can count on them to not let anything through.
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  • I use disposables purely for convenience.  Between me, my DH and two kids I have enough laundry to do as it is and I have no interest in adding to it. 
  • Lansinoh disposables. Best ones ever. VERY absorbant, discreet, and have some stickies on them so they don't move around.  
  • i use disposibles at night and if i am going to be out and not nurse or pump for a while.  i use reuseable during the day for the most part.
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  • I use johnson & johnson and love them...never soaked through & they also have the sticky pieces to keep them in place...and a little indention for your nipple.
  • I have been using the Medela disposable and I think they work great! I went 8 hours without pumping or feeding and they soaked up the excess milk pretty well, they were full but it worked!
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  • I wouldn't stock up-  I bought some of both also and I never really needed to use them.  I've leaked twice in the last two months. 

    I did need them to keep the nipple cream off my clothes in the beginning though- the reusable ones were awesome for that.

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  • I like my bamboo washable pads a lot, but they do show through clothes more. I wear disposable if I'm going out in some outfits. I think having both on hand makes sense.
  • I've used the Johnson and Johnson (Great!), Medela (Great) and the Lansinoh (ick) ones as well as the washable cotton ones. I find for sleeping or if you use creak on your nipples the cottons are best and if you can, just put one of the disposable ones behind the cotton ones if you're sore or stick to the pads. Be aware that even with the sticky piece on the disposables you're breasts will sometimes shift while sleeping and will end up possibly with leaks still.
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  • I use Lansinoh disposables, because unlike my washable ones they A) have a liner so even when I soak heavily, it contains it all and B) they don't show through clothes at all.
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  • I hate the waste of disposable ones so I don't use those.  Washing a few nursing pads is no big deal.  I have organic cotton ones and some bamboo fleece ones and they are really soft, but my favorite are my merino wool pads!  Wool is a great natural fiber for pulling moisture away from your skin.  If you keep them properly lanolized they don't leak either!  They were well worth the splurge for me as I have no intentions of stopping breastfeeding until my DD decides she doesn't want to anymore. 
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  • I use both. Cotton reusable when I'm home (usually) during the day, and disposable lansinoh at night and when I go out.

    I like the disposables much better, but use the cotton reusable ones when I'm home because of the waste factor. What I hate about the cotton reusables is that if I leak once, even a tiny bit, they have to be changed because it doesn't wick the moisture away- your nipples just sit wet (gross!) I learned this the one and only time I wore them out of the house.

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