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xp: poop and throw up at the same time?

So DS just had a giant poop and threw up a ton while doing it... it got me a bit worried, he's never done that before. Big poops yes, throw ups yes, but not at the same time. He was also crying quite a bit after I got him changed, didn't want to be put down. He does have reflux, he's on meds. He has his 2mnth shots tomorrow so I'll ask the pedi but for now I'm a little worried. Maybe he was just pushing so hard it made him throw up...?
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Re: xp: poop and throw up at the same time?

  • Don't worry, my LO has done this before. He finished a bottle, he was pushing his poop out, and he must have strained so hard he threw up his entire bottle all over me. He's been fine. 
  • My LO just did this today too. Ate and was pooping and puked all over me..like a ton! We had an impromptu bath after that mess!

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  • No poop, but we did have a giant throw-up mess today! All over baby, me, the couch...

    She seems fine, and has been eating, sleeping, and messing up diapers as usual, so I think all is well :) 

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