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people who refer to your baby as "MY baby"?

Anyone know why some people refer to your baby as "MY" baby?

My SIL and a friend like to say things like "Happy 4th to you and MY baby" or "How's MY baby doing?" etc. It is so creepy and weird to me.

Am I being overly and unnecessarily sensitive to this? If not, would you say something?


Re: people who refer to your baby as "MY baby"?

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    I would be uncomfortable if most people said it. If any of my in-laws pulled that, though, I would probably freak out a bit on the inside, though I probably wouldn't say anything. The only person who does, however, is my mother, and I'm strangely okay with it.
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    No its weird and ridiculous IMO. I would respond with something like "Oh I didn't know you were involved in making or carrying this baby in your belly for 9 months."
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    Only people that do this are ILs .. always "How's our doll? How's our baby girl?" Etc.. they're states away and obviously the baby isn't theirs so it doesn't bother me. I think it bugged me a lot when I was pregnant but I had some weird animalistic overprotective ness.. like people wanted to take her from me or something.. I still hated when she was born and family would compare her to anyone other than myself or H.. if it bothers you that much just respond with a simple "Well, MY baby is doing well. I don't know about yours" or just the first part would work ;)
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    I have a few friends who always say this, and it doesn't bother me at all. I guess if they were people I didn't particularly like it'd make a difference, but to me the fact that they are saying that makes me feel like they are going to want to be close to my LO and I am definitely okay with that!
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    Yeah, it's kind of like " Um, how about you go have your own baby, and leave mine in peace?" I know people offend unintentionally, but it still just sounds weird. Luckily, the only person who does this is my MIL, but that's just the way she is (gushy about babies and all things related thereto) so she's off the hook.
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    ugh, my mil does a version of this....she refers to the baby as "our" drives me NUTS. I am not sure how to address it, or really that I should even say anything. I know it is petty but it is not our - as in all of the extended families - is DH's and mine. Period.
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    It gives me the heebie jeebies. SO's father does this, and I have no response for it. I mean, why not say "my granddaughter" instead of "my baby"? Oh, and does anyone have any family/friends that jokingly threaten to steal the baby? Example: "Well, you know if you can't find her, she's at my house" or "Anytime you want me to babysit, just ask--otherwise, I might have to take her." I have yet to understand why it's "cute" to claim someone else's baby.
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    elyndselynds member
    My MIL does this only she says, "my grandbaby".  It doesn't really bother me - obviously it's not her baby and I guess it IS her grandbaby.  Overall I'd rather have people in my life who care enough to call my baby theirs than to have relatives who aren't interested at all.
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    My MIL says that and it drives me crazy. Sometimes by the way she acts I actually believe she thinks it's her baby. DH is also a huge mommas boy so I blame it on that. Drives me crazy.
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