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Being a hormonal basket case

My husband cooks a lot for me because I still have a lot of m/s and major food aversions. He also gets home 1-2 hrs before me. My son's chore yesterday was the dishes-by hand, we have no dishwasher. I couldn't really eat today because of nausea so when I got home from work, around 6, I was really hungry. My husband was laying on the couch watching tv. He looked like he was falling asleep but he didn't right away. He keeps picking on demand shows and turning them on and then going to sleep. He has the remote and I am watching stuff I don't want to watch. Everything in the house is cluttered because of the room swapping that is mid-project so there's no where else to hide.

I finally gave up on him cooking for me and decided to go make something to eat for myself. There's no papertowels because my son is very very wasteful with them. I wanted to get a plate instead of a papertowel to heat up my bread in the microwave(it's weird gf bread) I can't get a freaking plate! He's stacked all the big pans on top and it's all half dirty still and he didn't dry or put any away and I got so mad I couldn't even try to get the plates out from the bottom.

So I am furiously unreasonably angry with the two of them. I feel like they are making it so I can't eat. I know I am irrational but I had a sandwich for breakfast and some strawberries and watermelon today so now I am too far past hungry and nauseous which happens when I get bad  m/s. I am also having the really bad lower belly cramping I get on and off and my feet are all swollen so wandering around isn't happy right now.

I just can't think of anything to eat without help when I am feeling sick and he's sleeping and I am stuck watching Jack the Ripper shows. I can't wake him up though because I am old enough to feed myself and get over it. This is ridiculous. I seriously need to grow the eff up.

thanks for listening

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Re: Being a hormonal basket case

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    I hear you, girl.  I started crying in the baby section of Target on Tuesday because DH said he wanted to look at cribs online instead of in the store.  

    It will pass.  Deep breaths and bubble baths.  And call for pizza. 

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    I wish I could call for pizza, I have a lot of  crappy food allergies so cooking's it in our house.  waaaaah

    I hate hormones.  Thank you for reminding me that it'll pass. I am going to take the remote control though!

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