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Breast milk cures pink eye!

I found this link about the many uses of breast milk. You can use it to cure pink eye, help cuts and scratches, cure ear infections, take away the itch of mosquito bites, and take off your eye makeup! LOL Super crazy

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Re: Breast milk cures pink eye!

  • Breast milk really is gold! I've used it for all sorts of things.

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  • Yup, we used it on DS's clogged ducts and it worked great! People thought we were nuts, but oh well. 
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  • Wow, I wish I had known that when I got pink eye when 6 weeks prego and still breastfeeding #2. I had to get some horrible gel to run on my eyes 4 times a day for 10 days since I was pregnant and couldn't use Vigamox!
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