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3rd Trimester

Thanks DH for being a pain in the butt...

So I posted yesterday about having lots of pain in my pubic bone and on my right side.  I went to the doc today and everything looks great.  Apparently because I'm so short and Gracie is so big she's putting added pressure on the joints.  The doc said it should ease up some soon.  But I guess I didn't look so hot at all today and they questioned my sleeping habits. 

Like most of us in 3rd tri, I am not sleeping well at all.  I get about 45-60 mins of sleep and then I'm up.  I have not slept for more than hour at a time in weeks and yes I am exhausted.  Well the doc said she felt I needed to be getting more rest and that would help ease up some of the pain and BH issues I've been having.  She recommended a common safe for pregnancy sleep aid and wrote the script.  I had it filled and when I got home tonight I was talking to DH and a few friends about it.  DH started to give me the 3rd degree because he said that particular drug was on the tv with tons of side effects and blah blah blah.    I went and got the info from the pharmacy and as we started looking the drug the pharmacy gave me was actually an depressant, drug for schizophrenia and not the safe for pregnant ladies sleep med. 

I called and discussed it with the doc, he is calling the pharmacy tonight so they will fix the issue first thing.  But I have to say DH is on the ball because I didn't think anything of it and was planning on taking the med tonight before bed.  So just a friendly reminder to all, be sure to check your meds...mistakes do happen.

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Re: Thanks DH for being a pain in the butt...

  • Did he write the wong script, or did the pharmacy fill it wrong??

    Luckily your H brought it up to you and questioned it! My H would have just said "if the doc says its ok, its ok." haha 

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  • That is really scary, way to go DH. This is why I won't take meds unless I feel like I'm dying (I'm not saying that you shouldn't get help sleeping, because it is really important.) I just know for me, I'm way too paranoid and generally kind of untrusting of doctors/pharmacies/medicines. I had a terrible hacking cough for a week and finally after a ton of research and going back and forth I let myself take some Robitussin, and that was a big deal for me.   
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