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Has anyone out there ever used a midwife? If so what are good question to ask when trying to find one? also any recommendations would be appreciated. 

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  • I know a couple and plan to use one myself. After doing some research, resources advise you to create a birth plan. It's basically and outline of what YOU want for the birthing experience, and procedures or requests you have. You can find examples online. Doctors and midwives are to follow your birth plan (and you can modify it as the day approaches). I think that if you have your plan, then that's an idea of what you want. Doctors and midwives are meant to serve you during this time, and provide what you want. Unfortunately, these days, Doctors do not accommodate to the mommies the way we need. This is why, I feel, that midwives are the way to go for personalized care and attention. Doctors put you on a schedule and rush you through your birth. Childbirth, in hospitals, is treated as a medical condition, with forced interventions. It is a spiritual and empowering journey, and our bodies are completely capable of performing the task!

    For a directory of midwives, check the colorado midwife registry. My chiropractor, Dave Evans, can also refer you to [as he claims] the best on in Colorado. You can find him at Evans Chiropractic, in Littleton. She has served him and his wife through natural births, and I've been a patient of his for the past 8 years (along with my entire family). My name is Amanda.. If you contact him just let him know I told you where to find him. :) Good luck!

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