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3rd Trimester

Packing Away the Baby's Stuff...

We finally have the windows in the baby's room and have it painted.  We have an estimate on carpet and are hoping that will get done VERY soon.  In prep of the carpet we need to completely empty the room obviously so I am actually packing away all the baby's stuff.  It feels horrible.  I can't help but feel like I am preparing for him not to come home with us :(  Stupid pregnancy hormones and this being my second baby I know more about what can go wrong.
Praying this little one sticks!
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Re: Packing Away the Baby's Stuff...

  • Baby will be home with you soon!  :)
  • image Luv4Minnesota:
    Baby will be home with you soon!  :)

    This! :)

    Jess & Adam, married 2009, precious Audrey born in 2011. BFP 1/6/13, 6-wk MMC discovered at 9 wks 2/11/13. D&C 2/18/13, second D&C 4/23/13 for retained placenta.
    BFP 8/24/13!! EDD 5/1/14, delivered healthy and sweet Zoey Leanne on 5/5/14 by repeat c-section.
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