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I need to buy a separate freezer.

My freezer stash has taken over our current one.  Holy cow.  I just reorganized it and counted the number of bags.  I got a rough estimate of 450 oz, give or take.

I've informed DH that if I find a deep freezer on CL for under $100, I'm buying it.

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Re: I need to buy a separate freezer.

  • WOW! Bravo!

    I assume you're rotating it, right? So in addition to what you're using, you're adding to it? 

  • Holy cow is right.  *gigglefit*

    that is some stash you have there.  Damn woman.  Will you pump as long as you did last time or will you stop earlier based on what you have frozen.

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  • Long (unnecessary) story for a possible solution:

    My sister is mentally handicapped and over the age allowed to attend high school anymore, so she stays at a day program for mentally and physically handicapped people to go. To help lessen the cost for the people who go there, they do different fundraisers including community "garage sales" to help raise money. I got a huge deep freezer, practically new for $50 from one of the sales.

    Besides CL, you may try one of those, or see if any other organization in the city is having a sale, you may get lucky and score on for cheap.

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  • WOTP - I'm rotating as best I can.  I send all frozen milk on Mondays to daycare.  The rest of the week I send fresh milk and freeze anything that is leftover.  The problem right now is most days I'm freezing almost a day's worth of milk. 

    Wee - if this keeps up, I'd like to BF longer than I did with Gabe.  What really ate my soul last time was the pumping and stressing because I wasn't getting enough.  In a perfect world, I would BF until he was 9-10 months and then use my stash until he turned a year.  I kinda expect my supply will tank around 3-4 months like it did last time though.

    Betty - good to know!  I'll definitely check around and see what's available with local charities.  I know Habitat has a store in town.

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