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My Essie Designs wetbag is gorgeous

Someone had asked about this seller a few weeks ago, and I had just ordered a wetbag from her. It came, and it's beautiful. She has some really nice fabric choices. The inner is a substantial waterproof lining, it zips closed, and it has a hanging strap that snaps at one end. I used it last weekend and left it in a hot car most of the time with no issues as far as smell, leakage, etc. I washed it over this week and plan to use it again this weekend.

Just because I like the fabric, here's a pic from her Etsy site:


Re: My Essie Designs wetbag is gorgeous

  • ooh, that looks pretty!
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  • Ooh, that's pretty! 

    ::runs off to check out her site::

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    thanks for the review! going to buy a large size - that should work for going places i assume?

    still trying to decide what we will do at home. her XL says it only holds 12 - wont quite work for 2 days worth 

  • Very pretty!  I'm going to check out her site.
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