I'm hungry ALL.THE.TIME -- normal?

I'm getting super frustrated with my lack of pp weight loss -- and now, weight GAIN!

I am overweight and didn't gain any weight during my pregnancy -- I delivered DD3 at about 7lbs less than my pre-BFP weight. After coming home I lost about 10lbs and now the numbers are slowly climbing and I'm almost back to my pre-BFP weight.

I am EBFing and I'm nervous to go on a "diet" for fear my supply will tank if I restrict calories. And, I'm hungry all the time. I'm nursing on demand and DD still eats every 2-3 hours and I get so hungry after I nurse. It's worse that when I was pregnant! I just want to eat everything in sight and I never feel full.

So my questions:

1) Is my ravenous hunger normal?

2) Have you successfully been on a diet and maintained your supply? FWIW, I am considering Weight Watchers since it encourages a slow & steady weight loss.


Re: I'm hungry ALL.THE.TIME -- normal?

  • Yes I felt the same, but don't worry babies for the first few months nurse a lot and are growing rapidly and your body wants you to keep up! The best 'diet' is to follow your hunger & thirst, eat healthy local food and eat smaller more frequent meals (this helped me tons) and keeping healthy snacks like wholegrain crackers finger fruits (like grapes or carrot  sticks) and I would  literally eat the whole big bag of salad haha! but if you keep your choices healthy then you can eat constantly and don't gain as much. 

    You can  do a diet at 2 months (so your milk supply is established) but keep your calories up to 1800-2200 (on the higher side is better) and add in exercise daily and without too much effort you will begin to shed pounds! I didn't start losing my preggo weight until about 5-7 months pp and when I did it fell off and I was struggling to eat enough to not lose too much weight (I had a hefty 50lbs to lose after my birth!)

    here is more:



    Little Rose is 2 1/2.
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