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Re: Cooker. Tuesday.


    I'm marking it on my calendar. Right next to the day I start my "cycle." 

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  • In all honesty, do you think my dad has a clue what is going on?  


    Like... okay... the peen wants to talk to him alone.  Do you think my dad is like "Okay, guess I know what this means..."? 

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  • Butting in--

    SQUEEE - wow this is big!  Keep me posted.  I will be checking all afternoon Tuesday!

  • I don't think he has bought a ring yet... he is just talking to my dad tuesday.
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  • Um, EXCUSE me.

    What the hell is going on and WHY do I not know about it? WTF

  • I have no idea.  Do you think your dad knows it is coming?
  • I accidentally found out that the peen asked my dad to go to lunch (45 minutes away where my dad lives).

     The peen has expressed that he feels he needs my father's blessing before he asks me to marry him.


    So... Do we t hink my dad knows this is coming?


    Surely we do... I mean, he lives with me, we were (are if we can ever find one Crying ) buy a house together, he takes my kid to go do things, family gatherings, etc, etc, etc.   

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    How freaking awesome.

    What do you think your dad will say? 


  • I don't know, Mel!!  



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  • Well, compared to Wes he is a shining star (I mean, he is anyway, but that just adds to his luster)

    I cant imagine that you dad would not be thrilled?

  • Yes, yes, I am sure he will be.


    I think my dad just worries that it is too soon.   It has 'only' been 18 months, etc, etc. etc.   


    Did Jeff talk to your pops? 

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  • You know. I dont remember. I just asked Jeff and he doesnt remember either, LOL

    So you get engaged. Have a 1 year engagement.

    When you know, you know. Time makes no difference, imo

  • Aw.  Thanks, Mel.

    I want to spend the rest of my life with him... can't imagine it any other way.  He loves me, supports me, understands me, and makes me happy in ways I can't even describe.

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  • Does he give you an O face baby?


  • If I would stay awake until he gets off work!  1130 pm, with L waking at 6 am?   HMmmmm.  Sleep. Sex.  Sleep. Sex. Sleep. Sex.  Sleep. Sex.   The both win a few times a week. ;)
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  • dooooooooooooooooooooood. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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    So happy for you - exciting!!!
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