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Anyone have an EVO?

I am looking at the HTC EVO 4G.  Any feedback?  It has 4.5 out of 5 stars with 3725 reviews, which is pretty darn good, I think.  It has Android 2.3.  The EVO Shift 4G is the same price. 
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Re: Anyone have an EVO?

  • I LOVE my EVO. Absolutely LOVE.

    The shift was nice...& a bit smaller but I chose the EVO only b/c it has the better camera. & seriously, it takes DAMN good pics :-)

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  • I have the EVO. I don't like the shift, it is smaller. I love my phone, it is awesome, I actually like it more than an iphone.
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  • I have the shift.  The camera isn't quite as good as the EVO, but it's still takes really good pictures.  I love the camera and web surfing ease (I love being able to stretch/shrink pages, etc).  The sound quality of the phone is good too.  So for personal use, it's great. 

    I'm not so thrilled using it for business as you need a huge app to connect to an Exchange Server (well, I do anyway due to security - not sure if that's true for all companies).  The app makes my phone buggy, so I will be getting a blackberry for work and just use the shift for my own use. 


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  • I don't have the evo but I work in that industry... it is a great phone, people really love it.

    You can get pretty good deals on the EVO now....

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  • I love my EVO and would be lost without it. The phone has HTC Sense so it links up all your contact info with facebook and twitter. Everyone's birthday is imported into your calendar which is nice. Everything meshes very well and there are so many mods available if you're into that type of thing. My phone is rooted which is the equivalent of being jailbroken opening up a whole new world of possibilities. is great for info on modding your device.

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  • DH has one and loves it.  He got the Nexus S first and that thing dropped every single call.  The EVO has had zero issues.
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  • Awesome!  Thanks girls.  I'll put that on my list of stuff to do this weekend.
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