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3rd Trimester

cervix check??

I just noticed people talking about them..when do you get them? Do you have more than one? Does it hurt? Does a doctor check your cervix if he thinks there is a problem..or does he check everyones after a certain date?




Re: cervix check??

  • I just had one today (36 weeks). My doc made it seem kinda optional to do it at this time. I think they check regularly towards the end. There was no concerns or anything. So it wasn't a because of a problem for me.

    The pain wasn't too bad today. But when I had to go into labor and delivery a few weeks ago because of contractions they checked...that hurt. They have to really stick their hand up their to see how you are doing.

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  • I had my first one at 37 weeks.  They asked if I had contractions and pressure yet, and I said a few here and there so they almost didn't do it.  But then when my doctor saw my ankles (I've had some swelling issues) she wanted to see where I was at because she's thinking about inducing me at 39 weeks if the swelling hasn't resolved.

     I thought it was fairly painful, but then again, they said my cervix was really "high".  It's possible if they had waiting until 38 weeks it wouldn't have been so painful.  I wasn't prepared for the pain so I think it caught me a bit off guard.  They actually put their hand "in" your cervix if it's dilated, but then when they said 1cm, I felt like it was worth it.

     I had had brown discharge all day today (check was yesterday) but the ladies said it's normal :c)

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  • I know that having a baby is going to be painful...so I shouldnt even ask about doctor checkups and pain. I guess I worry over everything! I honestly cant even believe we got pregnant as fast as we did. I was a virgin when we got married last year and it has always hurt having sex. It hurts having a pap (to the point where I cry...the first time anyways).  (Im thinking I have fibromalagia or something) I just get so uncomfortable when doctors do anything...so I know child birth is going to be something else!

    I really appreciate your honestly...Just trying to pace myself and learn about whats coming in the weeks ahead.


  • Mine started at 35 weeks when I had my Group B. I've had three different doctors perform them, and only once did it hurt (though the next time that particular doctor performed one, it didn't).

     I've also only had the brownish tinge once. All four times, the nurses had me undress waist down with a paper cloth before the doctors even came into the room so they kind of just proceeded to check. However, I do know that I can decline and therefore I would assume that I just would tell the nurse and not undress. 

    There is no real rhyme or reason, they just like to do it so they know what's going on and have "something to compare it to" when I do go into labor.

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  • I had a GBS swab at 36 which but that was nbd. I was uncomfortable for 2 seconds as she swabbed and away you go.

    My OB starts internals at 38 weeks so hopefully I will just get 1, maybe 2 and LO will be here.

  • I had my first cervical check at 28 weeks.  I haven't had one since.  Yesterday (34 weeks) Dr. did to a swab and GBS test because I complained about some itching and thick discharge, probably just a yeast infection, but hopefully nothing. I don't think she'll do many more checks until I let her know that I am having symptoms of anything.
  • My OB does internals weekly starting at 36 weeks.  It is to see if you are dilated or effaced.  They also do a GBS swab test around 36wks.  Otherwise, I think they only do internals if you are having issues?

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  • It depends on your doctor.  Not ever doctor does internals.  My OB never did them on me when I was pregnant with DS.  Which was fine.  There really was no reason to.  He didn't need to know whether my cervix was dilated or softened to see if it was favorable for induction.  And knowing how many centimeters you are prior to real labor is pretty pointless.  Some women get checked and they've got no progress and then they go into labor that night and have a baby in a few hours.  Some women walk around for weeks a 2 or 3 or even 4 centimeters before labor kicks in.  If you have medical issues that require the knowledge (e.g. a history of pre-term labor, you're facing induction and the doc wants to know how favorable your cervix is for induction, etc.) then absolutely I think they're worthwhile.  But for the general pregnant population, they don't really offer much info that is helpful.
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  • I have one every 2 weeks due to incompentant cervix and pre term labor.

    Does not hurt at all.


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  • I had my first at 36 weeks; it wasn't painful at all.  They will be checking me every week from here on out. 
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