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One good thing about being fat...

I know how to rock the Lane Bryant sales.  I just got 8 bras and 9 pairs of underwear for $151.  I saved $278!  LOL

Can't wait to trash my old ones!  And just a little unsolicited fact about me - I am OBSESSED with underwear.  I have about 50 pairs --I will trash about 20 of those, maybe 30 -- and then add in the new 9 pairs.  So will still have roughly 30-40 pairs.  I match them to my shirts.


Re: One good thing about being fat...

  • eh, I've got more underwear than that... lol... I've got over 140 pairs (at last count a few months ago)

    It came up in conversation with my DH and he said that I probably had over 100 pairs and I said no, surely not more than 40-50... he was right.

  • LOL.  I just dropped about $80 there for 4 shirts, shorts and capris. Shhhh. don't tell my H. He'll find out on vacay. Stick out tongue 


  • I LOVE trashing old bras/underwear. Its so refreshing, like a start over. No more holes/stretched out crap/wires poking through...*sigh* make me want to shop, but alas, no money this week...
    DS 8/29/09 (3yo) DD 11/29/11 (8mo)
  • I totally match my underwear to my shirts too. LOL

    That reminds me to clean out my underwear drawer...

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