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2nd Trimester

Got to hear the heartbeat for the first time!

I went to work at 6 am today so I could leave at 2:30 for my appointment, I was so excited! But then I got to the doctors and they told me my appointment was for 2 and not 3. I knew I was right because I specifically told them 3 was the only time, and the receptionist stated the computer showed my appointment being switched a few times to different days and times, which I never had done.

Luckily, one of the doctors was there while she was talking and he said he could fit me in and take me! My office has 3 doctors who rotate, and whoever delivers will be the one who is working at that time so they want us to spend time with each one and get to know them. He's the second one I've met and so far I know two out of three are awesome!

He found the heartbeat after about 2 minutes, but the baby was moving so much he was having trouble keeping it and we kept here it going by. He finally got it steadily, and it showed at 120 bpm. I thought it was low, but he said that was within normal range for how far along I am.

The funny thing is, my husband was there and he didn't want to be there for the pap part (doesn't want to watch someone else touch me), but they said they would not do one as I had a pap in January. But the doctor was concerned about my uterus size so just dove right in to feel the size! Haha, I just looked at my husband with an 'I'm sorry look'. The doctor was like 'Yep! You feel like your 14 weeks!'

He then said 'Let's take a look at your nipples!' and commented that one looked flat, I had to laugh (he was telling me about ways to make it bigger for breastfeeding). There is no privacy in pregnancy!

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