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Update: I feel like I annoy my Dr.

I went in to the Perinatal (because I was nervous about lack of movement coming from Baby A) and they ended up doing the full growth ultrasound. Both babies measured perfectly...Baby A is 2lb 10oz and Baby B is 3lb. Baby A is now oblique instead of transverse and Baby B is still transverse. (They are pretty close together so that is why I thought I was only feeling one)

 I was happy with this news until the Dr. told me that the tech found something on the ultrasound with Baby B. I guess the Dr. told me that Baby B's bowel was enlarged. (it was just a large black mass...about 1cm in width). With the ultrasound I guess they can't really tell what it is...he said it could be nothing or it could be something where they would need to surgery on Baby B. I now have to go to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia next week for a specialized MRI. I just hope it's nothing to serious and this little guy makes it. It's going to be hard playing the waiting game till the appointment.

Fingers crossed...

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Re: Update: I feel like I annoy my Dr.

  • They spotted something similar on my Baby B.  At the time, they weren't sure if it was a cyst or a bowel obstruction.  I didn't have an MRI though - it might have taken off some worry if I did.

    It turned out to be a cyst near but not attached to Max's kidney.  He was supposed to have surgery to remove it today, but at the pre-op u/s, they couldn't find it!  This seems like a small miracle that I'm grateful for.  Good luck to you!  I hope it is nothing serious.

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  • The waiting is so hard.

    Praying for you and baby!  Glad you're getting the MRI and can get some answers.

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  • It wasn't ever seen on ultrasound, but at 4 days old (or 33weeks exactly) they thought my Baby B had a bowel obstruction. She was rushed into emergency surgery and it was the scariest 4 hours of my life. It ended up that it wasn't a bowel obstruction, but she did have a duodenal web repair and she has a slight malrotation of her intestines.

    Anyway, I share because its close to the same surgery and my surgeon was very confident, says he sees these a couple times a year and while it was still risky to operate on such a small baby, overall it was not a super risky surgery. Today she's a happy and healthy 4.5 month old whose plumbing works just fine. She's got a scar all the way across her stomach but it's quickly fading and is already just a thin white line.

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  • Hope it's nothing, do your best to relax (nearly impossible....I do realize this!!)  Glad you decided to go in!
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  • Thank you ladies so much! My appointment is set for this upcoming Thursday. It starts at 7:45 am and will go to about 4:30-5pm. I will keep you updated!
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