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CD registry critique

I am going to do a CD trial, but I also want to put just a few CD's on my amazon registry.  I have a few friends that are into CD'ing and just might buy some.  Here's what I am thinking:

newborn green mountain prefolds

thirsties covers (not sure what sizes they come in)

bummis covers


Fuzzi Bunz XS

Lil Joeys

Any other recommendations for newborn all in ones/pockets?

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Re: CD registry critique

  • Sorry I just realized I posted something very similiar a few days ago....but I was thinking in slightly vaguer terms then.  Sorry to be repetitive, but any other insight would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Those are all great options but you don't want to over buy for the newborn stage. My LO was born nearly 9lbs and we quickly outgrew our KL0's, bummis super brites, and had to switch to a trifold for the GMD's (which doesn't hold in runny newborn poop or breast milk poop of any age).



    Good luck to all my BFF TTGP Chatty Ladies!
  • The thirsties come sized and in duos (two sizes) we had both and I prefer the duos.  It fit DD fine and lasted a lot longer than the x-small.  I use the size two for her now.  We have a BSWW and it is not my favorite-kind of thick and plasticy feeling.

    We used GMD prefolds, KL0s, BG XS, and GMD workhorses.  If I did it again I would probably stick with prefolds and workhorses (snapless).  Like PP said, they are little for so long-anything more expensive is not worth it.  Oh, and all we did was trifold no problem so I guess it depends on your LO whether or not it will work!

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  • You won't be able to register for the GMD prefolds on Amazon, but I highly recommend that you get about 2 dozen of them and just a few of the other types.  I love prefolds for the newborn stage!  Affordable, and they've never leaked.  
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