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  • I can't make it clicky, I'm on my phone, sorry!
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  • News here is all about Will and Kate.
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  • Where have you been? And how is drew doing with the brace?
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  • There is SO much wrong with that story!! Was the boyfriend of the woman not at all concerned when his girlfriend didnt' get out of the water? ever?! Did he just pack up the kids and leave without her at the end of the day???!!! Didn't try to save her? Didn't tell the lifeguard again that she was at the bottom of the effing pool???!!! 

    Did I miss something?!!! How does a body stay at the bottom of a pool for DAYS without being noticed?  Especially during an inspection of the facility??!! How was she not reported missing?!

    It sounds to me like someone killed her & then chucked her body in the deep end of the pool.  That is just too crazy to make sense 

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    Where have you been? And how is drew doing with the brace?
    Hey! We've been good! Summer is keeping us busy and I'm trying to cut way back on my computer time! How are you guys doing? Drew is doing GREAT! He took his first steps after he had the brace on for 24 hours, it was great! He starts PT next week and hopefully we will get him walking!
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  • S the whole thing is just crazy. Apparently someone told the lifeguards she didn't surface and they ignored it. Another article said it was apparent by the body that she had been in the water for 2-3 days. But still how do you miss a person at the bottom of the pool? Especially when they first operand no one is in it??!! The entire thing is just unbelievable.
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  • There seriously has got to be more to the story. It really just doesn't add up at all. For days the pool was open with a corpse in it and *nobody* noticed? And the lifeguards ignored reports of someone missing? That just doesn't add up.
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  • And her family was there the day she drowned and just left without her???!!! And that's it?! WTF???!! 
  • Doode. 


    This story is going to crack open wide. Don't you think she would have floated up at some point, ffs?


    And I still miss your fecking guts, face and bewbies.  

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    I read that the pool was foggy. I guess the boy and the woman collided and the woman never resurfaced. Weird.

  • I saw this too and thought WTF?!!!! How did the people she went to the pool with just leave without her? And how is someone in a pool, dead for days and not one person sees? Nope, doesn't add up. So weird. That poor woman.
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  • I totally agree with the others that wonder why the people she came with left without her...that just doesn't make sense.  I also can't believe that absolutely no one saw her in the pool for days.  Kids/teens tend to swim, jump, and dive towards the bottom of the deep end and no one saw her?!
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  • you totally win.  That is the craziest story I have ever head.  I cannot understand how the life guards, or wait anyone, would have not noticed a dead body in the pool for 3 days.  That is hugely f-d up, and we belong to a huge pool, like the size of a football field.  I just can't imagine how no one would have noticed. 
  • Did her family/bf just think she up and left them so they didn't bother looking for her? Wth? I'm not leaving anywhere w/o everyone I came with unless it was clear they were leaving seperately. That story smells something foul.

  • I read about this a.m. it said that the people she came with thought she walked home.  The deep end is 12ft deep, & the pool was cloudy that is why the inspector was out there.  I would think someone would have saw/felt etc. It's crazy & discusting that people were swimming with her dead in there you know kids drank up some of that water.
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