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Camera question

I think I need a new camera - mine is eating batteries. It shows "low battery" and shuts off immediately after putting new batteries in it.

I called the customer service number and since the warranty expired (DAMN IT! It has been broken for several months and the warranty just expired in May. Why do I procrastinate?!?) My two options: pay $89 plus s&h and insurance to mail it in to be repaired or but a refurbished camera from Canon.

I am thinking of just buying a new camera. It won;t be that much more and it will be brand new. 


So - I don't want a DSLR (well, I do - but we cannot afford one right now, nor do I know how to work one!) Can anyone recommend a decent point and shoot camera? One quality that is important to me is the "reload" time between pics. Brooke runs away while I am taking her pic so I need to be quick.


Didn't realize how long this would be - TIA for reading and helping!! 

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Re: Camera question

  • I have an Olympus that I really like. Lots of settings and quick between shots. I don't think the exact one I have is still around anymore - I've had mine since 2007 - but I think the brand as a whole is pretty good.

    eta: Mine is really close to this one.

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  • I have a nikon cool pix that's years old that I still love. It needs a new battery, but they're only $30 and a rechargeable. I'm not sure about the new model, I would assume it's just as good. I recommend it.
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  • How about a Superzoom?  Check out the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35.  It also takes excellent HD video.


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  • I'm a big fan of the Canon point and shoots.  We have an SD1100 that we keep in the diaper bag now that we have a dslr.

    Also, the Canon point and shoots are known for having great battery life, just so you know.

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