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Accupuncture for breech baby?

If you have ever looked into this, how much does it cost? I know it varies in different areas. I have a well-renowned doc who wants me to come for a $40 consultation first, then $80 per session. Another just quoted me $75 per session outright-no consultation needed. What has been your experience? I am concerned I might waste money for a consultation. That doctor says he is the best around, and he does not know it I am a good candidate until we meet for the consultation.

I am a newbie at this and do not want to be taken advantage of!

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Re: Accupuncture for breech baby?

  • I don't know about the cost, but a friend of mine's baby was breech and she had the acupuncture done and baby flipped, but she still isn't convinced that's what turned baby.
  • i don't know much about cost and it probably varies by where you live, but the labor and delivery nurse who taught our birth class told us that she had many, many patients tell her it works, and she actually recommended it if we had breech babies

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  • I recommend trying chiropractic care, too. I just started this hoping to get my baby to flip. I'll probably try acupuncture as well.

    My insurance covers 20-24 acupuncture sessions; maybe check with your health insurance too?

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  • I have been trying spinning babies techniques as well as swimming (handstands in the pool, anyone?) since my 34 week appt. She had not not changed this week, so I am stepping it up!!

    My insurance does cover a portion of it, which is good!

    I am not a fan of chiropractors. I will admit that I had one bad experience, and it has tarnished them all for me, but I am just plain uncomfortable with it! I am really glad so many people find them helpful, though.

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  • I feel the same way about chiropractors, but am desperate for this baby to turn. I'm getting more diligent in my spinningbabies positions and pool handstands this week. Let us know how the acupuncture works. Are you considering moxibustion also, or just acupuncture?
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  • I pay $85 a session for acupuncture.
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  • FWIW, there is a homeopathic called pursatilla which is used to help babies turn.  You can find it at health food places. 
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  • I am doing a variety of things to try and flip this guy to avoid a c-section.  I am doing the spinning babies, I have my first chiropractic apt on Tues (covered by insurance) and saw an acupuncturist today for the first time ever recommended by my doctor.  I actually really enjoyed the session.  He did acupuncture (Japanese not Chinese) and moxibustion. The moxibustion more to turn the baby, but the acupuncture for overall health. He also gave me moxa sticks to do moxibustion at home.  It is pricey in my area.  My guy was $85 a session, but I have heard as high as $100.  I am going to try a few sessions and go in for my pre-natal to see how things are going.  I am not sure if it is wishful thinking, but ever since my session today my little guy has been sooooo active.  More so than ever.  Hoping it works :)
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