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Jodi or other NKOTB ladies: After party?

Anyone been to one of Donnie's after parties? Trying to decide whether to go. I'm not pushy or a skank, so if I'm just gonna sit there squished in with a jillion other chicks watching sluts devour the men, I'd rather not bother! What's it like?

Re: Jodi or other NKOTB ladies: After party?

  • I've only heard bad things about them, back in the summer of 2009. They may have changed, but a lot of girls who went to the one in SF after their Concord show posted on various fan sites that they waited and waited and never even got near him b/c it was the cliche "bring in the hoes" environment. I'd like to think they've changed, but I doubt it. When is your show? Mine is Saturday. I've seen NKOTB and BSB, and this is going to be the most awesome experience EVER!
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  • Generally speaking, he (DW) shows up for about 60-90 minutes.  Goes in the VIP area, where only those girls that he knows are allowed to go in (or if you are lucky enough to get in on looks alone).  Nothing too exciting happens - and you are packed in like sardines waiting to catch a glimpse of him. 

    And you pay money for that.

    Yet I STILL continue to go!  LOL

    So yea, probably not your cup of tea!  ;)

  • The one I went to wasn't an official afterparty, it was just everyone tweeting Donnie and he came back to the casino/hotel lobby and did a little mini show for us. He never mingled for that.

    I know someone that just went to one in Houston, and she said that both Donnie and Jordan did parties, separate, but at the same place, like partitioned off from one another. I think Jordan's party was more $$$ and had more options, Donnie had 2 options-the regular party for $40 and VIP for $75. The girl I know went to Jordan's party and she said after awhile, the partition was taken down and they were mixed. Jordan talked to everyone at his party, and she and her friend did get to talk to Donnie and get his autograph. She said Donnie had to be physically removed from the party because he didn't want to leave. She didn't say anything about the hoes, but I didn't hear about it first hand. 

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